Over 25 years in disability rights, I bring a wealth of expertise and a Master's in English. I've furthered my qualifications with a Human Rights course and an NCIP. My passion is true global accessibility and inclusion.

Based in Mumbai, I've championed disability rights for over two decades. I focus on empowering individuals and their rights.

Sharing Expertise, Shaping Solutions

I offer knowledge in areas like the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (2016), the UNCRPD, accessibility audits, and universal design. I tailor my approach, working independently or with fellow disability experts to deliver solutions.

Key Areas of Work:

Practical Solutions: Developing accessible technologies and promoting inclusive practices.

Policy Formulation: Shaping disability legislation and providing legal guidance.

Advocacy and Awareness: Building advocacy networks, driving social change, and raising awareness.

Building a Collaborative Future

Collaboration is key to lasting change. My network and commitment to working with partners ensure diverse perspectives for every project.

Beyond Advocacy:

State Icon, Maharashtra Election Commission: Promoting accessible voting practices.

Supreme Court Committee on Accessibility: Contributing to accessibility standards for Indian courts.

Distinguished Research Fellow, NALSAR University: Conducting disability research.

Open Source Advocate:

I champion free and open-source software to create accessible tools and resources. I leverage technology for the benefit of those with disabilities.

In my spare time, I enjoy films and series, finding inspiration outside of work.

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